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The Bible is God???s Word

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As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this month let us remember the Pilgrims and the reason why they came to this country-- religious freedom. For them freedom meant the right to believe and practice only what is in the Bible, without adding anything to it. In England they were considered fundamentalists and Bible literalists, and were imprisoned. Although they were persecuted they continued to be true to God and His Word.

I pray that we can find inspiration in the Pilgrim’s example of biblical faith. They would rather be imprisoned, or called names than to compromise the Scriptures. Today we face the same challenges when we read and interpret the Bible. If we share with others that we believe the Bible is God’s infallible Word we may face ridicule or scornful judgment. “You sound like a literalist/fundamentalist” may be someone’s response, but we do not let such accusations keep us from a strong and sure faith in the Word.

One of the early church Fathers, Tertullian, wrote about his own faith back in the second century. “I believe Christ died for me because it is incredible. I believe He rose from the dead because it is impossible.” Remember, with God all things are possible and it is impossible to please God without faith. Often we are tempted to put our own reason and logic above the words of the Bible, judging the Scriptures instead of allowing the Scriptures to judge us.

This doesn’t mean that we never use our reason. For we compare Scripture to Scripture; we investigate the historical background of what we’re reading; we look up definitions of words. But in all our study we remember that the Bible is God’s Word to us and our reason is subservient to Him and what He has told us.

Does something in the Bible sound incredible, illogical and unreasonable? Compare it to other Scripture, pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and seek the plain sense of what’s written, trusting in God. Use your logic and reason to serve God’s Word, not to determine which part of the Word is true and which is not.

This Thanksgiving let us be thankful that we live in a country where we are not imprisoned for believing what the Bible says. Let’s remember the Pilgrims and the sacrifices they made so that they could believe and practice what was in the Bible without persecution. And may we find renewed hope and encouragement in God’s Word today!


My love be with you all,


Pastor Ray


Communicator - April 2015

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Every Sunday we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We can more fully understand the true significance and meaning of the resurrection as we look back at the Passover, for Christ is our Passover. The Passover is remembered and celebrated in the spring of each year. You can read the account of the Passover for yourselves in the twelfth chapter of the book of Exodus. The Jews were slaves in Egypt who were seeking liberation through God’s prophet, Moses. The Lord had brought nine plagues onto Egypt and the tenth and final one was to be the death of the firstborn. The Hebrew people were instructed to kill a Passover lamb and put it’s blood on the door posts and lintels of their homes. Seeing the blood on the doorframe, the Lord would pass over that house and spare them from death. After this plague, Pharoah relented and let the Hebrew people go. They were free.

Jesus Christ is our Passover lamb. The Passover lamb was a male lamb without blemish. Jesus Christ is the only begotten and beloved Son of God who is without sin. His blood was shed for us as our Passover lamb. His blood ransoms us from the power and the penalty of our sins. A lintel is the upper cross-beam of a door frame that bears the burden of the weight above it. Christ took the burden of our sins upon himself on the cross. By entering through the doorway that had been marked by the blood of the lamb, the Hebrews were spared from the plague of death. When we enter into Christ through believing in his blood sacrifice we are freed from eternal death and we experience eternal life.

After the night of the Passover the Hebrew people were set free from their bondage and journeyed to the promised land. When we are born again we are set free from the bondage of sin and we are raised together with Christ in his resurrection. The Bible says in the second chapter of Ephesians that God has made us alive with Christ and raised us up and seated us in the heavenly places with Christ! We already have every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Jesus Christ.

Let us rejoice and give thanks for our Passover which is Jesus Christ, who frees us from sin and raises us with Him to new and eternal life. May we live in that power and hope everyday, giving thanks to God!


My love be with you all in Christ Jesus,



Pastor Ray