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Church Movie Night and Matinees 

      Facing Darkness
     A Story About Faith and Ebola

       Saturday November 18th at 2:00 PM


When: Saturday, November 18th
Where: St. George Community Church in Elliott Hall

A story about faith and Ebola

As the Ebola pandemic was sweeping across West Africa in the spring of 2014, one organization was willing to step up and commit its people and resources to provide comfort, compassion, and care to the hurting people of Africa, all in the Name of Jesus. But when the deadly virus infected its own medical personnel, including Dr. Kent Brantly, the epic crisis truly hit home for Samaritan’s Purse and its leader Franklin Graham. FACING DARKNESS tells the incredible true story of how—with faith, determination, and prayer—the ministry moved mountains … and God performed a miracle!

                 “Creation vs. Evolution”

Beginning November 8th at 6:00 pm
This is a 8 Week Series

Could you answer these questions?:

1 - Does science actually support evolution?
2 - Is "creation" a science theory?
3 - How long were the "days" of creation?
3 - Is there any evidence for a GLOBAL flood?
4 - Where did the water come from?  

5 - Where did it all go afterward?
5 - What really happened to the dinosaurs?
6 - How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?
7 - Is there evidence for "ape-men"?

This curriculum answers these and many other questions. It is designed to give the everyone a well-rounded view of the whole "creation model" of origins.  This study of the biblical account of origins will stretch the student’s faith in the written Word of God and encourages confidence when facing a world hostile to its message.

Creation vs. Evolution” Schedule (Mark Your Calendars)

  • Wednesday, November 8th at 6:00 p.m. downstairs. The scheduled topics are:
  • November 8th: “The Return to Genesis” ((The Key to Christian Foundations)
  • November 15th: “The Horror of the Flood” ((The Most Catastrophic Event in History}
  • November 29th: “The Mystery of the Dinosaurs”(The Biblical Solution)
  • December 6th: “The Pillars of Evolution” (Why Darwinism Doesn’t Work)
  • December 13th: “Aunt Lucy?” (Hominids, Apemen, and Other Fables)
  • January 3rd, 2018: “The Hunters and the Hunted” (Man is Without Excuse)
  • January 10th, 2018: “Lost Secrets of Ancient Civilazations” (There is Nothing New Under the Sun)
  • January 17th, 2018: “The Grand Canyon” (The Puzzle on the Plateau}

Christ Centered and
Family Friendly Movies

It's becoming complicated and disheartening when it comes to trying to find a good movie that is "family-friendly". 

90 percent of the movies that are being made are not shows that you can take your children to. With how the rating systems have changed, you don't know what you are getting anymore. 

We will never show movies that are not pleasing to God and not safe for a child to view.  All movies  will either strengthen your beliefs, provide positive messages and those  that uplifts your mind.

Christian Movies
Worth Checking Out: