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Christ is Risen! He is Risen, indeed!

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APRIL 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“Christ is Risen!” “He is Risen, Indeed!”

This is the joyful shout and response of Easter morning. Interestingly, this year Easter falls on April Fool’s Day. However, the resurrection is no joke. It is the absolute truth. The resurrection of Jesus Christ in a physical body is so important that the Bible says without it our faith is in vain and we are still in our sins. We must constantly and committedly lift up the truth of Jesus’ resurrection to a world that thinks it is of no consequence or ignores it completely.

There are two factors that constitute the truth of the resurrection: the empty grave and the appearances of Jesus after his death. We know that Jesus was completely and totally dead on the cross. After the initial whippings and physical torture he endured he was then nailed to a cross and a soldier punctured his side with a spear. Blood and water rushed out which is a sign of cardiac failure. Let no one tell you that Jesus was not completely and totally dead on the cross. He was dead.

Then Jesus was buried for three days before arising from the tomb. No one was present at the actually moment of his resurrection but when the women arrived at the tomb on Sunday morning it was empty. Romans and Pharisees tried to spread the story that His body had been stolen but no dead body was ever found.

Then Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and to the other Apostles and finally to more than 500 believers at one time (1 Cor. 15:6). Many of whom were still alive at the time of the writing of the books of the New Testament and who could have verified to anyone that they saw the risen Lord Jesus. He told his disciples that he was not a ghost and to touch him and see, for a ghost doesn’t have flesh and bones (Luke 24:39).

No rebuttal to the resurrection has ever been proven. The body was not stolen or hidden. The tomb was empty. Jesus appeared physically to his disciples and it was not simply a vision or a spirit. This is the great good news of Jesus’ resurrection. It’s true! And because of Christ’s resurrection we know our sins are forgiven and we have eternal life. Our great and blessed hope is that we, too, shall be resurrected and we shall be changed to be like him.

Also, because of the resurrection we can be assured that every Word of Jesus is true and every word of the Bible is true. Jesus believed all of the Bible and He believed it in a literal fashion. Because Jesus rose from the grave I believe the earth was created in six days. I believe Jesus was born of a virgin. I believe that Christ ascended to heaven in the same resurrection body and that He is coming again in that same body. Praise God for the resurrection! Let’s spread the Good News reminding everyone that this is no April Fool’s joke. This is the glorious truth!

My love be with you all in Christ,

Pastor Ray

Be Active Witnesses to Jesus Christ

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MARCH 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Recently this country experienced another tragic shooting in Florida at a high school. There are calls to do something more than ‘just pray.’ People want tangible results that bring about change and which limit the shootings we seem to experience more and more. Yet, we need to remember the world in which we live is a fallen world filled with sin. Even at the birth of the Savior in Bethlehem sin raised it’s ugly head as Herod killed the infants under two years of age. Sin is the cause of evil and satan will deceive anyone he can and enlist him or her in his evil plans. On the cross we see sin and satan trying to do their worst to the Son of God only to be defeated by the resurrection on Easter morning. What can we do to be an active partner in this fight against sin and evil? 

As we approach Good Friday and Passover on the final weekend of this month our minds should turn to contemplating and meditating on the death of our Lord and Savior on a cross. In this is love, that God sent his only son to be an atoning sacrifice for us, and to give His life that we may live. By his death He paid the price of sin and he calls all sinners to repent and believe in him for everlasting life that begins as soon as one turns to Christ.

The thing the church is called to do is to lift up Jesus Christ and call all people to repent and believe in Him. And, yes, we are to pray. But that’s not all. We are to be active witnesses to Jesus Christ. One of the most frightening phrases a police officer can hear coming over his radio is ‘active shooter.’ We, as born again Christians, need to become active witnesses. We can no longer be passive witnesses for Jesus Christ, thinking that people will come into the church and be saved if we just open the doors. No, we must reach out to the community about us, to the stranger, and call them to faith in Jesus Christ.

I know it’s hard. I struggle with witnessing myself. I can always find a reason not to bring up the subject of Jesus with someone. We all have a number of excuses that all seem valid as to why we are not active witnesses. But if the troubled youth (or the troubled person of any age) is not reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ, then satan will use him for his own evil ends. There is no in-between. We can no longer sit inside the four walls of our church building and think the people who need Jesus will come to us. We must go to them. Church isn’t simply about increasing membership or adding on to the building or creating more programs inside. Jesus calls us to seek and save the lost through the work of the Holy Spirit. What will you say to Christ when He asks you what you did in the war against evil?

Let us contemplate the victory Christ has won for us on the cross and let us pray about how we and this church can become active witnesses reaching others in the war against evil and sin. Let us encourage one another and build up one another in the faith to go and seek and find. To the glory of God!

My love be with you all in Christ,

Pastor Ray

Your Faith Has Made You Well

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In February we often think of Valentine’s Day and the promise of romantic love. But the Bible tells us that love is greater than romantic love. It is self-giving in the name of Jesus Christ. To love means to lay down our lives for our friends (yes, and even for our enemies) through the power of the indwelling Christ. How can we lay down our lives? It starts in small ways. One way is through the giving of our time.

We’ve all heard the expression “time is money.” But time is the stuff of life. We give of ourselves by the giving of our time. One important way to give of our time is through listening to others, one-on-one. Jesus was a great listener. He went into villages where the sick and demon-possessed came to him for healing. Frequently he spent all day with sick people—listening to their complaints and hearing them describe their ailments. First of all, Jesus asked people what they wanted, then He listened compassionately before healing them. As individuals described their afflictions and spoke of their faith in Jesus, they felt relief. “Your faith has made you well,” Jesus told them. First He would listen, then He would heal.

Listening is also an important tool for healing and for helping us to relate to one another in a caring and compassionate way. To listen to another is often the way the Lord opens the door for us to share Christ. Christ died to ransom us from the power of sin and selfishness. He laid down His life for us. When we are born again in Jesus Christ His Spirit lives in us leading and guiding us to lay down our lives for others through something as simple as listening. We listen to others out of our love for Christ who leads us to love our neighbor.

The body of Christ, the church, is meant to be a unity where each part cares for every other part and all are built up, in love, toward the head, Jesus Christ. We see that for us to go and to listen to others offers a real way to love in the same spirit as Jesus. In addition, listening to others’ needs and concerns in church shows us how to pray for them; listening also reveals ways to help others. We find that as we pray for others and help them in different ways, we are joined together in love. Then the Spirit will open the opportunity for us to speak to them of Christ—the one who empowers our listening.

May you each grow in your love for one another as you listen and truly hear in the name of Jesus Christ. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My love be with you all in Christ,

Pastor Ray


Christ Over the City

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January 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


On the first day of 2018, Monday, January 1st at noon, thirty-four Christians from different denominations and congregations met downstairs at our church to join in prayer. The gathering was called 'Christ Over the City' and it was a time of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins and to lift up Jesus Christ as the only name under heaven by which men must be saved and to pray that many would find salvation in Jesus Christ this coming year. It wasn't a time to honor local dignitaries or to recognize the various ministers and pastors who attended. It was all about Jesus Christ and the need to find forgiveness in Him and to pray for others to find new and eternal life by believing in Him.

We prayed aloud and we prayed silently, agreeing in our hearts and minds with those who were praying. We knew we were one in Jesus Christ.

We knew we were one in the Holy Spirit and we experienced that unity that comes from believing in the only begotten Son of God. Hearts were warmed and spirits were encouraged as we looked toward the start of a new year and all that it had to offer in the way of reaching out to the unsaved with grace and truth. We prayed to show love to all even as we prayed to be bold in sharing the message of the gospel. We sang 'Amazing Grace' at the beginning of the hour and we finished our prayer time by singing 'There Is a Fountain.' A local bagel shop provided free bagels and 'shmear' and we shared over bagels and coffee after our time of united prayer.

God blessed our time together in a unique way that only those in Christ Jesus can know. We prayed that all may come to know Him and His love. There is something more important than ‘the common good’ of a city or community and that is that people come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To know Jesus is eternal life. We give God all the glory and praise for the time and the prayers we shared. My continued prayer for this year is that Bible-believing Christians and congregations will join together for a united witness--a witness that does not compromise the name of Jesus in any way. I pray that you will have a blessed year and that you will face it with a renewed hope in Jesus Christ and the power of prayer in His name. May God richly bless you and yours in the love of Jesus Christ this day and throughout the year!

My love be with you all in Christ,

Pastor Ray

The Bible is God???s Word

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As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this month let us remember the Pilgrims and the reason why they came to this country-- religious freedom. For them freedom meant the right to believe and practice only what is in the Bible, without adding anything to it. In England they were considered fundamentalists and Bible literalists, and were imprisoned. Although they were persecuted they continued to be true to God and His Word.

I pray that we can find inspiration in the Pilgrim’s example of biblical faith. They would rather be imprisoned, or called names than to compromise the Scriptures. Today we face the same challenges when we read and interpret the Bible. If we share with others that we believe the Bible is God’s infallible Word we may face ridicule or scornful judgment. “You sound like a literalist/fundamentalist” may be someone’s response, but we do not let such accusations keep us from a strong and sure faith in the Word.

One of the early church Fathers, Tertullian, wrote about his own faith back in the second century. “I believe Christ died for me because it is incredible. I believe He rose from the dead because it is impossible.” Remember, with God all things are possible and it is impossible to please God without faith. Often we are tempted to put our own reason and logic above the words of the Bible, judging the Scriptures instead of allowing the Scriptures to judge us.

This doesn’t mean that we never use our reason. For we compare Scripture to Scripture; we investigate the historical background of what we’re reading; we look up definitions of words. But in all our study we remember that the Bible is God’s Word to us and our reason is subservient to Him and what He has told us.

Does something in the Bible sound incredible, illogical and unreasonable? Compare it to other Scripture, pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and seek the plain sense of what’s written, trusting in God. Use your logic and reason to serve God’s Word, not to determine which part of the Word is true and which is not.

This Thanksgiving let us be thankful that we live in a country where we are not imprisoned for believing what the Bible says. Let’s remember the Pilgrims and the sacrifices they made so that they could believe and practice what was in the Bible without persecution. And may we find renewed hope and encouragement in God’s Word today!


My love be with you all,


Pastor Ray